SSHVA 2014 Enterance

The South Side Historical Village was established in 1995 at the Hookstown Fairgrounds in Hookstown, Pennsylvania. It began with the donation of the Mercer One-Room Schoolhouse. Volunteers relocated and restored the building, which is now used for presentations and tours.




SSHVA 2014 Blacksmith Shop

The J.L. Porter Building was relocated to the village next, and restored as an 1880’s blacksmith shop. Demonstrations are conducted regularly explaining the importance of blacksmiths in the early years of America, including the items most often made, as well as tools and techniques that were used.




SSHVA 2014 Doctor's Office

Since its founding, the South Side Historical Village has grown to include wonders such as a walk-through covered bridge with a cache of artifacts, an old oil derrick, a bank barn and one of the newest additions, a local doctor’s office that served in use from the early 1900’s-1950’s.




SSHVA 2014 RelocationThe entire village has only been made possible through the hard work of disassembling, relocating, restoring and reassembling historically important buildings. This process includes both the generosity of those who donated historical artifacts and the effort of laborers, such as the Amish contractors hired for the relocation.




SSHVA 2014 Cabin & ReenactorsAnother aspect of the South Side Historical Village that makes us shine is the dedication of our volunteers, whom dress in period-time clothing and give demonstrations centered on antique trades in early America. This includes open-house events where they cook using open-hearth techniques, so we encourage all to join and enjoy!




A Message From Mr. Bob Rupert:

“My main intent is to see that we serve three major points of interest, Tourism, Education and Community. We had a vision a few years ago, when we got started with the Mercer One-Room Schoolhouse, but what I’m looking at now is the use for these facilities. You can come and have an experience here, as it was in America 100 years ago, in the style of an active village. As we continue to progress, I’d like to see us grow to include all of the main trades, as well as to become a focal point for the community. I hope you have an opportunity to come and visit!” ~Bob Rupert


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